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Alelaj Alamathal is a Libyan company based in Tripoli licensed to import and sell pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, baby food, and toiletries. We started as a family-run business fifteen years ago. Over the years we have expanded. Our staff complement is now 44 consisting of 4 Marketing Executives, 15 Sales Representatives, and 25 persons doing clerical work, deliveries, and customs clearance. We have regional offices all over Libya which help to cover distribution in the whole country. In line with this, we have our own clinics with dermatologists and doctors offering treatments. We firmly believe in continual growth and progress.


We believe in teamwork. We know that our success depends on it. We work with passion and with a purpose, providing a friendly atmosphere that encourages positivity and a sense of initiative.

TRUST ... We Firmly Believe In Trust

As a company we have built strong relationships with our current executives across the Libyan nation,focusing mainly on our brands. We work hard to achieve optimum results for the satisfaction of all. By keeping our commitments. we have earned the trust of our clientele and suppliers.

Alelaj Alamthal


We believe that success comes from focusing constantly of winning the trust of customers. Backed by strong teamwork we are pleased to offer you our services through ensuring beneficial Relationships with all clients. It is with pleasure that we introduce our company through this website. We enjoy a high level of trust in all our dealings We give great importance to high- quality service at competitive prices. The President of the Company enjoys healthy relations with the Ministry of Health and Control of Medicines and Medical Supplies. This helps us in the registration of new products within a short period. Our Company has an effective and successful policy in cooperating with wholesalers, retailers, pharmacies, public and private hospitals, and health units across Libya.

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